Merry Christmas

A little drawing from me to you guys, merry xmas everyone!



More to come...


Painting Exercise

Been doing ton of exercise, soon when my scanner is fix i'll upload em all, try to get better at all medium


Kanye West - Devil In a New Dress

I digging the new kanye west album


Tea Party With The Undead

Having a tea party is so much fun! Acrylic, Spray Paint, Marker on 20 x 30 Canvas



i never post my sketch to the internet before, so this might be the first time, some of them are portrait. so, hope you guys like it, more to come.


A deer Inside my house

this is an update for what i've been doing right now, too much work from campus wont stop me from making my personal artwork. this the biggest painting i've ever done in my life, 2mx2m mixed media on a canvas, i use acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, etc. hope fully in the next few days, it will be finish, so stay tune.


Lady Spring

" il n'ya pas de message particulier derrière cette peinture "

Mixed Media on Canvas 200cm x 100cm

More to come...

Centurion Oath

Universe Design Being Print For CenturionOath


Random Tought

Painting that i did las night, its quite fun playing with texture...



I think the thing that really distract me is the boobie showing part (really?), good music tho

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.



Drawing 100 Hands

I manage to set my self on a exercise, that basicly i have to finish drawing 100 different pose of my own hands right and left atleast 100 drawing. hopefully this will help my drawing sooner or later. not only that, i think i'll try drawing my foot with different pose after this exercise is done.


Smarta Review

Just got home, back from The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox Exhibition at Smarta Gallery, i did participate at this great event, here is the piece i did and some photo i took from the gallery

Mixed media painting that i did for letter "V".

And some other painting that really catch my eyes back in the exhibition, if you want to see more, visit the exhibition at Jl. bendungan jatiluhur no 26 jakarta pusat, jakarta, indonesia before 16 0ct 2010,


The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox

Smarta Gallery Present

A contemporary Typography Exhibition by 36 Indonesian Young Artist

Opening Exhibition
September 18th, 7pm at Smarta Gallery.
Jl. Bendungan Jatiluhur No.26 Jakarta Pusat.

With participating artists:
Adityayoga, Adri Tirtoarrazaq, Arya Mulawarma, Abinara, Astronautboys, Diela Maharanie, Dimas Indra Pramana, Designani, Eno-Freshfordeath.com, Griksa Gunadarma Astrawinata, Indriasari Purbadjaja, Lidia Puspita Dulam, Miko Nugraha, Muhammad Raihan Jabbar, Mistara Pandu, Muloyoung, Nikki Hartomo, Pamela Halomoan, Prasajadi Heru Lastiko, Resatio Adi Putra, Rafsya Basith Ibrahim, Restu Ratnaningtyas, Roy Bayu Putra, Ryan Mardhika Dirgantara, Singpenthinkhappy, Shake, Sheterror, Stereoflow, Thunderpanda, Toro Elmar, Welly Lennon, Yudi Amboro, Yellowdino, Yona Yunistia.

Visit the site


Sticky Stickers

Its been a year i didnt post anything to this blog, and here is
some sticker i did in middle of 2010, and i decide to be active in this blog so stay tune, more to come.



Hello everyone. 2009 its been great a great year for me, and now we enter the new year 2010 everything goes smoothly, and there lot of thing happen and made my day, i making this group for you who live near jakarta , so we could meet and sketch together if you want to know more straight to this link http://jakartasketchgroup.blogspot.com/
and also there are many thing like the client been great but i'm not taking a client this week because the busy schedule from my campus, and guess what?, i just got review from http://violeshop.com/ he is a great client, also there lots of my friend get reviewed, so excited.

here some picture from his site , and alsoo! i got review from indonesia blog called OUT OF THE BOX INDONESIA, they love to review all the event and activity happening in indonesia , and of course it has to be relate to art. heres the link you could see straight to his site