Hi Peeps, here some random sketch i did on weekend, more to come, i think i'm stuck with my gesture drawing, i need to explore more pose and learn more about action pose and foreshortening , hopefully it will come together soon, see you guys :)



Having fun playing with texture, i've been really inspired by Bhutan Culture lately, love the way they wrap the cloth around their bodies, and i recently try to paint like Jeff Simpson, but unfortunately this not look like him. still havin fun tho, See you on the next Blog Post.  



Here's a creature design and a random movie still based on thumbnail sketch i did below, i choose the one with plane on it, maybe because it tell story a little bit more than the other

Thanks for viewing, i'll be updating this blog again soon, so stay tune.



More random sketchest i did after work, super fun doing it, not thinkin to be highly rendered and hyper realistic. 



Heres a quick Fan Art of Kaneda From AKIRA! 



A Poster Illustration i did for Local Charity Exhibition Held by Rumah Bebas Nikotin, featuring other fabulous artist, you can also contribute to help other people by voting to the artwork that you like, each vote mean you've donated  Rp.2500 or around $0.26, the donation money will help the poor who suffer  respiratory diseases. you can visit their website and vote HERE
Big Thanks to Gogoporen for Inviting me to do this wonderful Collaboration.

Some more Fun Helmet guy Sketch i did during my free time, if you see Katsuhiro Otomo feel on this piece dont blame me, i've been inspired by that guy for about a month now, hopefully you like my work and dont forget to share it with your parent's and love one's. ha!


Visual Journal

Make some quick update on this blog so it doesn't get dusty, here are some gouche on my sketchbook and watercolor washes, i try to switch medium from digital to traditional lately, its really fun to experiment, and try to calibrate my hand in different medium

just did this head sketch before making this post, a quick weekend warm up, before startin the day, i've been thinking to do 1000 portrait or head drawing and push my self again, but it depend on my free time. hope you guys enjoy it, i'll post more work soon!