Garga Muni

A little Drawing i did during free time, Just want to announce you guys a little project of mine with some of my friend , Bajka its a Clothing Company we tell Tales with T-Shirt and Prints as our Medium Right now its all under development, but if you like to purchase some stuff you can already do that,
i'm really Excited with this project, So keep your eyes open. we'll post fun stuff soon, And mark your calendar on January!



Code Name: Karma

A boy, thrown away by his family, raised by a robot, Leader of a Fierce and most Feared gang members in the cityhis godfather is one of the most powerful man alive. Some say his heart made out of Alloy.

His favorite line "Revenge is a dish best served Cold."

Hi everyone, Here's a peek some of the main Character in the story i've been working on, if anyone doesn't know what i'm talkin about, you can look at my previous post, i try to tell a story in each images i create, because it's so much fun, so i decide to create my own Science Fiction World, with all the character designed and painted by me. Hopefully you guys see what i'm doing and look out for more character based on the story i try to build.