Code Name: Merodach

Vice Ministry Of Defence, A Powerful man in his Generation, Once a leader of a fearful gang in his Era, A World Criminal but managed to Escape And a Protective Father.

He lost his wife during the Moonlight 2017 Riot, From That day he swear to destroy gang activity, and protect his precious daughter.

I start to seeing where my story is leading, soon i'll compile all my character and the story, hopefully it will come up into something, comics? books? i dont know we'll see 

Sorry for the lack of update, i'll try to keep up with it


The Junk Yard Dog

Code name: Marty

A Trade Dealer live inside an abandon Junk Yard, The gas inside his suit prevent him from getting Rusty

Once a traveler try to steal a galactic ruby inside Marty suit, unfortunately he inhale the gas and the pirates found him cold on the next morning.



Code name : Mr. Bulletproof Heart

A Runaway Prototype of a Highly Intelligent Artificial Robot developed by A famous racing car company, A friend of Asimo The robot from japan. 

Some people say when at night he wonder around under a moonlight, talking to the moon.

Code name : Lady Heart Breaker

Tales say her goggles can see right through your heart, and read a weak soul.

Don't come to close or she'll break your heart.

A little sketch i did outside of work, try to put a story into my character, mee Mr. Bulletproof Heart, and Lady Heart Breaker, they both live in the same Universe, i'll create more character soon,