I'm so excited to be part of this amazing project, contribute by 100 artist including me, basically ACT is a charity exhibition where if you want to attend the show you must pay for a ticket, and the fun part is the ticket you've purchase gives you the opportunity to own an artwork that the artist made. and the money will be donated. 

Here is the final product of my work for ACT charity exhibition held by Kopi Keliling, Click HERE if you want to know more about ACT


Racing with the Bullet

Here are some step by step how i do my Editorial work


Here are some thumbnail composition i did. i like to work on dark background because its easier to visualize object that i want to draw

So i pick the Top Left Thumbnail to work on, because i like the feel of dimension i get from it. and its more focus on the driver, not the policeman

Next, i do some clean up and ink the sketch with some texture from custom brushes

Flat the main color i want to have for the underpainting

And finally, add some detail here and there.

Hope you guys learn something from it, This tutorial will be available with more explanation of the composition and color that i use, on Titik Dua Magazine



Here are some of Editorial Works i did and some spot illustration on the bottom. i did bunch more of these but not really feeling to show em all. hope you guys like it! :) 



Here are some oil study i did couple days ago, i might gonna do more work out and study in the meantime. thanks for visiting :)



Bonjour, this is 1 of a few project i did last month, super excited that finally i can post them here, an illustration for event promotion. art direct by Katarina Monika. ciao




So here is my first attempt with Oil painting, sorry for not updating in the last couple of weeks. i've been doing lot of study for my anatomy i'll try to keep up with the update, check here for my Study. thanks for viewing :)



Lets do more painting!, this is a random creature i make during my free time. hope you guys like it! diggin this Blueprint by Anitek



A illustration i did for a client. Because easter is over and i dont know maybe they've already print them so i guess it's safe now to show you guys the illustration, i'll post the final print of what they did to this creature in the illustration soon on my facebook. stay tune



This week been really rough for me, i'll post my study soon, catch ya later!


Study Recap

Here some of study i did this week, i really enjoy doing this draw 100 thinggy, each pose done approximately 5 minutes with reference , i might do more in the future, perhaps i would do some nude anatomy study, been struggling with drawing anatomy from imagination, lets kick that weakness in the ass to pursue a better artwork! happy drawing guys!

i dont post all my study, but if you like to see more, you can go to my Flickr



Really dig how ink works with water, i learn this technique trough my friend Julienne look at her amazing work, really lovely. And a bit reminder i've been practicing with my basic drawing skills you can take a peek HERE

Well, that's it for now, more update is comin! chiao!



Another day, another experimental work, playing aroung with Ink, really love the process i might post more of this ink experiment drawing.


Hi guys, here some update of my practice and exercise behind all the main work, i dont feel to post them all but for the sake of sharing i will!, and i decide to make a flickr only for my exercise and practice so you people don't get confuse by my blog post , you can access my flickr Here, lots of crap so don't expect to much from me, okey. i'll post more shit soon, have a nice day!



Lust turn into Pain. Enjoy!
I'll post more shit sooner


A few days ago i get to contribute to a group exhibition with fellow amazing mates of mine held by Indieartspace, Alice Angeline Ganda, Atita Dwi Indarty, Atreyu Moniaga, Dika Toolkit, Naomi Dame, Jules Tjitra And the poster artwork did by The Amazing Dika Toolkit. Basically my artwork tells about the love of drawing back when i'm smaller.

Well, thats it for now. I'll post more shit soon.



Bonjour, its been a great start of a year, i've been contribute to different kind of great event recently, and start to loving my job even more, the picture above is taken from Swap Party event held by Kopi Keliling, the idea of the event is to create a piece of artwork, and trade it to a random person. its quite fun actually. the last picture is the final product with the person who gets my artwork. hope you guys like it, i'll post the actual size soon. And yes, i did the rabbit/dog/worker with an artwork in his hand illustration on the poster.


Operation: Tea Party

Lisa: Would you like to have some more?
George: No, Thank you.
Lisa: Cookie perhaps?



Wind blowing through my hair, my neck shiver, my heart stop.