An alice in wonderland kindda like rabbit. hopefully this one will get printed, just keep in touch.



Been listening to this record, magically good!


Vanity's Fair

"Aside from all the points turning thoughts into sickness,
all of these blind ambitions never fit inside your vision,"

"So if all you want are flowers, just plant yourself a garden.
Don't rely on me!"


Major Arcana

Here are some Tarot Major Arcana i did for school projects, i didn't post the rest of em, did feel to post em all. hope you guys like it.

Stay tune for the upcoming Kopi Keliling Exhibition. cheers!


Butter Biscuit

"Bisikan gadis kecil, meminta untuk di kasihani."


Melt Down

Soon will be available on stickers.



This is one of many reason why i'm so excited and grateful being alive in this year. i got the chance to join a comic project as a colorist and some penciling of remaking a Ramayana story Called "H20". here is the cover art that i did for the soft launching exhibition of the first chapter in Plaza Indonesia. (the poster above for more info about the exhibition)

The comic soon can be read for free in early january 2012. Cheers!

Kopi Keliling Volume 4

It's been a while since i haven't post anything in this dump, i'm not trying to abandoning this blog, but i've been busy doing different type of project here and there. hope you guys understand and here a little peek of my previous art exhibition with my fellow illustrator friends. hope you guys like it.

Photo by Eko Bintang Click Here for More

I'll post my fully scanned Illustration soon. Cheers!



Another work for local clothingline.


A design i did for local clothingline



Quick Self - Portrait Approximately done in 2 hour.



Did this buddha design for my friend tattoo, made few changes on the way finishing.
Line Art by me, Inked by Unbound Vaya Con Dios.



Illustration i did for Babyboss Magazine , Great shout out to Godot and Emanuel big thanks for giving me this chance. Buy the real print!


Well Crafted

Here some picture of what i did in Brightspot Market the other day. great shout out to these guy for giving me the opportunity Alter Cotton, click Here to see moar picture.



A couple days ago my friend ask me to make his friend a logo for his Band , so i think i can give it a shot, while i've been doing this lettering practice in my sketchbook,beside that i really enjoy doing typography like i enjoy drawing. i cannot really write, my writing is horrible, but when i was a kid i always think isnt it easier if i draw the letter instead of writing it , well, nevermind....



I have no clue what i'm doing here, enjoy.


Senja Menyapa

Sorry for ignoring my post this week, i've been struggling with my school exam but i try to keep on track with all the exercise inside my spare time. and also i've been doing experimental stuff and different kind of technique in my work, if you look at the second image i pretty much fucked up my sketchbook. i still looking forward to do a collaboration with my fellow friends, and here some cool music i've been listening during my day.

dope shit right?. and also something great i've been planning to do in a couple week from now, so keep your eyes on my post, i've been reaching out several great event near my hometown, hopefully i could post them here soon.


Great Weekend

sketchest that i did this week, i've been really excited lately, because i meeting a lot of great artist and friend yesterday. hopefully i'm going to paint over the last images. so stay tune.



A quick practice in my spare time, inspired by Shawn Barber, Acrylic on Canvas




Puppetvector on Babyboss

its been a great start for this year, i got reviewed on the 16 edition of babyboss, i'm really excited about it, because its my first time get reviewed in magazine. thanks for everyone!

For the Nippon!

its really sad to watch the news lately, this drawing i did dedicated to all the japanese people! stay strong!


I just lost my sketchbook

Yup, you heard me! i've just lost my sketchbook, hopefully it fell to a good person! here some watercolor sketchest from my spare time, been busy lately helping friend making commercial stuff. enjoy!


Furry Love

A girl and her big bad wolf. Acrylic and Pen on sketchbook

More Study

i try to reach every body part up to 100, i did this in my spare time. more to come...