Great Weekend

sketchest that i did this week, i've been really excited lately, because i meeting a lot of great artist and friend yesterday. hopefully i'm going to paint over the last images. so stay tune.



A quick practice in my spare time, inspired by Shawn Barber, Acrylic on Canvas




Puppetvector on Babyboss

its been a great start for this year, i got reviewed on the 16 edition of babyboss, i'm really excited about it, because its my first time get reviewed in magazine. thanks for everyone!

For the Nippon!

its really sad to watch the news lately, this drawing i did dedicated to all the japanese people! stay strong!


I just lost my sketchbook

Yup, you heard me! i've just lost my sketchbook, hopefully it fell to a good person! here some watercolor sketchest from my spare time, been busy lately helping friend making commercial stuff. enjoy!