Here are some images from Last night show Fear Fest, A Mini Exhibition Curated by my good friend gogoporen, The exhibition will still be going for 2 week, so see it while you can.  

Here some info to the show. Happy Halloween !



Here's a little update of Bounty Hunter Sketch and thumbnail, i'm planning to do more of the thumbnail i'll try to reach 100 thumbnail or maybe 1000, i did this sketch in between work its really fun to experiment and jump from painting to line drawing, hope you guys dig it, i'll post more stuff soon


Garga Muni

A little Drawing i did during free time, Just want to announce you guys a little project of mine with some of my friend , Bajka its a Clothing Company we tell Tales with T-Shirt and Prints as our Medium Right now its all under development, but if you like to purchase some stuff you can already do that,
i'm really Excited with this project, So keep your eyes open. we'll post fun stuff soon, And mark your calendar on January!



Code Name: Karma

A boy, thrown away by his family, raised by a robot, Leader of a Fierce and most Feared gang members in the cityhis godfather is one of the most powerful man alive. Some say his heart made out of Alloy.

His favorite line "Revenge is a dish best served Cold."

Hi everyone, Here's a peek some of the main Character in the story i've been working on, if anyone doesn't know what i'm talkin about, you can look at my previous post, i try to tell a story in each images i create, because it's so much fun, so i decide to create my own Science Fiction World, with all the character designed and painted by me. Hopefully you guys see what i'm doing and look out for more character based on the story i try to build.



Code Name: Merodach

Vice Ministry Of Defence, A Powerful man in his Generation, Once a leader of a fearful gang in his Era, A World Criminal but managed to Escape And a Protective Father.

He lost his wife during the Moonlight 2017 Riot, From That day he swear to destroy gang activity, and protect his precious daughter.

I start to seeing where my story is leading, soon i'll compile all my character and the story, hopefully it will come up into something, comics? books? i dont know we'll see 

Sorry for the lack of update, i'll try to keep up with it


The Junk Yard Dog

Code name: Marty

A Trade Dealer live inside an abandon Junk Yard, The gas inside his suit prevent him from getting Rusty

Once a traveler try to steal a galactic ruby inside Marty suit, unfortunately he inhale the gas and the pirates found him cold on the next morning.



Code name : Mr. Bulletproof Heart

A Runaway Prototype of a Highly Intelligent Artificial Robot developed by A famous racing car company, A friend of Asimo The robot from japan. 

Some people say when at night he wonder around under a moonlight, talking to the moon.

Code name : Lady Heart Breaker

Tales say her goggles can see right through your heart, and read a weak soul.

Don't come to close or she'll break your heart.

A little sketch i did outside of work, try to put a story into my character, mee Mr. Bulletproof Heart, and Lady Heart Breaker, they both live in the same Universe, i'll create more character soon, 


Baseball Bat

Hello everyone, here are some more doodle on my free time, hope fully you guys like it, more bots are coming, and for a bonus a unfinished green bot,

See you guys all later!



Hi Peeps, here some random sketch i did on weekend, more to come, i think i'm stuck with my gesture drawing, i need to explore more pose and learn more about action pose and foreshortening , hopefully it will come together soon, see you guys :)



Having fun playing with texture, i've been really inspired by Bhutan Culture lately, love the way they wrap the cloth around their bodies, and i recently try to paint like Jeff Simpson, but unfortunately this not look like him. still havin fun tho, See you on the next Blog Post.  



Here's a creature design and a random movie still based on thumbnail sketch i did below, i choose the one with plane on it, maybe because it tell story a little bit more than the other

Thanks for viewing, i'll be updating this blog again soon, so stay tune.



More random sketchest i did after work, super fun doing it, not thinkin to be highly rendered and hyper realistic. 



Heres a quick Fan Art of Kaneda From AKIRA! 



A Poster Illustration i did for Local Charity Exhibition Held by Rumah Bebas Nikotin, featuring other fabulous artist, you can also contribute to help other people by voting to the artwork that you like, each vote mean you've donated  Rp.2500 or around $0.26, the donation money will help the poor who suffer  respiratory diseases. you can visit their website and vote HERE
Big Thanks to Gogoporen for Inviting me to do this wonderful Collaboration.

Some more Fun Helmet guy Sketch i did during my free time, if you see Katsuhiro Otomo feel on this piece dont blame me, i've been inspired by that guy for about a month now, hopefully you like my work and dont forget to share it with your parent's and love one's. ha!


Visual Journal

Make some quick update on this blog so it doesn't get dusty, here are some gouche on my sketchbook and watercolor washes, i try to switch medium from digital to traditional lately, its really fun to experiment, and try to calibrate my hand in different medium

just did this head sketch before making this post, a quick weekend warm up, before startin the day, i've been thinking to do 1000 portrait or head drawing and push my self again, but it depend on my free time. hope you guys enjoy it, i'll post more work soon!


Gang Fight

Some Quick Update, here is my work for Aqua 40 years anniversary "Temukan Indonesiamu" Exhibition and Promotion stuff, they ask me to paint this guy name Sehat Sutardja. Search em on Google if you dont know him.

And, what excite me the most i'm start to push my self to keep painting in my in-between work hour, and work out, need to keep this creative juice out! so i recently paint this guy with helmet, i dont know, i think i'm kinda obsess with Helmet and Robot Head Design, and this month i've been really inspired with Katsuhiro Otomo Work and Ruan Jia, Keep your eyes open i'll post more work soon.



Happy Labour Day! Here some of my Quick Warm Up before i do my work, the theme is Whimsical Medieval Kingdom, i'm gonna make more of these creature and character or maybe i'll make my own comic with these character inside it, who knows. i'll post more warm up when i'm not busy,
Click HERE to see more of my Work out and Warm ups!Cheers!


Fun Work

So, i recently doing lots of fun stuff during my free time, i've been honored to contribute in Kopi Keliling Exhibition in Yogyakarta, and be part of a collaboration project with +SixTwo and Aqua. and This two images is a work for my Freelance job the First images is done for Back Cover of National Geographic Kids, and the second one is a Rejected Illustration i did for a Advertising Agency, the basic idea of the first image is, the client ask me to do a recycle arrow with animal inside it surrounding the world, i really enjoy doing this two project, on my next post i'll post my work i did for Kopi Keliling.



Here are some of the sketch i did when i'm not working, i'm really into helmet stuff recently, i try to push my capability to better my rendering, because personally i don't really like rendering stuff, its just weird when your ideas is already there, i don't wanna spend too much time on a single drawing, but i guess maybe its just because i'm lazy. 


New Start

Hi guys, its been a hell of a ride for me since the last post,
 I currently joinin the greatest painting gang in indonesia called Caravan Studio, they really teach me a lot of new thing, they teach me to see and overcome my weaknesses , they help me train and work hard to become a better artist, hopefully you'll be seeing more painting and conceptual work instead of editorial work for the next few weeks, i try to keep track on my gesture study and some more still life painting. the top images is a commission work for Kopi Keliling, and the rest of the images is a speed painting focusing on the color mood. oh yea, and i just loose 22 lb.

Hope you guys enjoy it, see you on the next post, ciao!