Gang Fight

Some Quick Update, here is my work for Aqua 40 years anniversary "Temukan Indonesiamu" Exhibition and Promotion stuff, they ask me to paint this guy name Sehat Sutardja. Search em on Google if you dont know him.

And, what excite me the most i'm start to push my self to keep painting in my in-between work hour, and work out, need to keep this creative juice out! so i recently paint this guy with helmet, i dont know, i think i'm kinda obsess with Helmet and Robot Head Design, and this month i've been really inspired with Katsuhiro Otomo Work and Ruan Jia, Keep your eyes open i'll post more work soon.



Happy Labour Day! Here some of my Quick Warm Up before i do my work, the theme is Whimsical Medieval Kingdom, i'm gonna make more of these creature and character or maybe i'll make my own comic with these character inside it, who knows. i'll post more warm up when i'm not busy,
Click HERE to see more of my Work out and Warm ups!Cheers!