Here are some of the sketch i did when i'm not working, i'm really into helmet stuff recently, i try to push my capability to better my rendering, because personally i don't really like rendering stuff, its just weird when your ideas is already there, i don't wanna spend too much time on a single drawing, but i guess maybe its just because i'm lazy. 


New Start

Hi guys, its been a hell of a ride for me since the last post,
 I currently joinin the greatest painting gang in indonesia called Caravan Studio, they really teach me a lot of new thing, they teach me to see and overcome my weaknesses , they help me train and work hard to become a better artist, hopefully you'll be seeing more painting and conceptual work instead of editorial work for the next few weeks, i try to keep track on my gesture study and some more still life painting. the top images is a commission work for Kopi Keliling, and the rest of the images is a speed painting focusing on the color mood. oh yea, and i just loose 22 lb.

Hope you guys enjoy it, see you on the next post, ciao!