Hello everyone. 2009 its been great a great year for me, and now we enter the new year 2010 everything goes smoothly, and there lot of thing happen and made my day, i making this group for you who live near jakarta , so we could meet and sketch together if you want to know more straight to this link http://jakartasketchgroup.blogspot.com/
and also there are many thing like the client been great but i'm not taking a client this week because the busy schedule from my campus, and guess what?, i just got review from http://violeshop.com/ he is a great client, also there lots of my friend get reviewed, so excited.

here some picture from his site , and alsoo! i got review from indonesia blog called OUT OF THE BOX INDONESIA, they love to review all the event and activity happening in indonesia , and of course it has to be relate to art. heres the link you could see straight to his site